What is the relationship between the lipstick tube and the material body?


At present, there are various manufacturing and design […]

At present, there are various manufacturing and design methods of lipstick tubes, which can meet people's different requirements to a certain extent. The specifications of the lotion pump range from 16ml to 38ml, and the water output is 0.28ml/time—3.1ml/time. It is generally used for creams and washing products. The quality of the lipstick tube is different from the price of the manufacturer. The tube body can be multi-color printing and silk screen printing. Individual manufacturers have thermal transfer equipment and technology. Bronzing and silver bronzing are calculated based on the unit price of the area. The silk-screen printing effect is better, the cost is more expensive and there are fewer manufacturers. In fact, for different materials, different lipstick tube packaging materials play different roles (showing inherent capabilities). To distinguish the utility relationship between the lipstick tube and the material body, we mainly start with the following two aspects.
1. Hardness
The hardness of the material body is an important aspect that affects customer use and satisfaction. If the material is too soft and the lipstick tube is relatively shallow, it will make the lipstick flesh fall off when the customer wears the lipstick. And if the material is too hard, then the customer may not be able to apply it at all. Therefore, designing a suitable lipstick tube and ensuring the proper hardness of the material is essential for manufacturing high-quality lipstick tubes.
2. Air tightness
The influence of air tightness on the lipstick tube and the material body is mainly related to the design of the lipstick tube. If the air-tightness is not good enough, then the very important reason is that the lid and the base are not well matched, which will cause the lipstick material to volatilize very quickly, and even become dry and hard and cannot be used. This also shows that the design and use effect of the lipstick tube packaging material are closely related to the performance of the lipstick material. If it is the kind of extremely easy material, it must ensure the tightness or minimize the use of this material. .
All in all, the hardness of the material and the air tightness of the lipstick tube are closely related to the quality of the lipstick tube. Large-scale manufacturers of lipstick tubes usually have a minimum order quantity of 10,000. Very few small manufacturers with a large variety of products can also order a single product with a minimum order of 3,000. Very few customers make their own molds, and most of them are public models. There is a ±10% deviation between the contracted quantity and the actual supply quantity in this industry. In the process of designing and manufacturing lipstick tube packaging materials, pay special attention to the relationship between the lipstick tube and the material body to ensure that the two can reach a balance within the effective period, otherwise it will easily cause catastrophe.aluminumlipsticktube.com