What are the available treatment processes for the surface of the lipstick tube?


Lipstick tube caps: lipstick tube caps are generally al […]

Lipstick tube caps: lipstick tube caps are generally aluminum (Al) caps or acrylic caps, ABS caps, etc.
Lipstick tube base: The lipstick tube base is generally made of acrylic or ABS plastic, and some are made of aluminum. Some suppliers also add heavy iron in order to increase the feel, but the problem of heavy iron glue is tantamount to adding a risk to the lipstick tube. In addition to the vibration in the transportation, in case of degumming, it will form a quality accident, allowing customers The experience is even worse.
Middle beam core: The middle beam core is an important component of the lipstick tube, which is equivalent to the heart of the product. Whether the customer experience of the lipstick tube product is good, the basic function is in the experience of the middle beam core, which carries the entire lipstick tube The product has functions such as torque, smoothness, blocking force, safety, and bead endurance. Beaded snails generally have a double-helix structure, and their pitch is long, and the travel distance of the bead after one rotation is large, so some users also call it a fast screw. The beaded snail is an important part of the lipstick tube, that is, beads, forks, spirals, beaded snails and lubricating oil constitute the core of the lipstick tube. The bead is the part of the cup that directly contacts the lipstick body, and the fork bead is in a straight line. The traveling track of the spiral bead in the spiral upward direction is matched with the fork to achieve the purpose of the upward movement of the beads during the rotation process.
The bead screw is a bit like a pump core, but it is more complicated than the pump core. Some manufacturers say the design of the lubricating-free bead screw is not widely used. Cosmetic packaging material glass bottles are mainly used in cosmetics: skin care products (creams, lotions), perfumes, essential oils, nail polishes, several categories are small in capacity, more than 200ml is rarely used in cosmetics. The standardized drawings of bead snails must be standardized. Otherwise, you will not be able to grasp the size. After assembly later, there will be more complicated factors. As a result, it can be predicted that the injection molding material must pass the material compatibility verification, otherwise compatibility problems will occur. It is not good if you screw up and screw down. Beaded snails are the top priority. As the name suggests, lipstick tubes are used in lipsticks and lipstick products. However, with the rise of lipsticks, lip gloss, lip glaze and other lipstick products, many packaging material factories have fine-tuned the packaging material structure of lipstick tubes, forming a full range of applications.