What are the precautions for using jelly lipstick?


"Jelly lipstick" is the first lipstick in the world to […]

"Jelly lipstick" is the first lipstick in the world to replace all lipsticks and lipsticks with organic food lipsticks. It does not contain harmful lead and mercury and lasts for 24 hours. Jelly lipstick is an organic plant extract, a transparent jelly paste, and a lipstick that contains a unique decolorizing lipstick.

Precautions for using jelly lipstick
Jelly lipstick is one of the lip gloss, lip stick, is to make the lips rosy, moisturize, protect the lips, facial beauty and correction of the lip contour has a product set off effect, is one of the women who love beauty, showing women sexy and charming.

1. If you find that your lips are beginning to fall off, you should exfoliate. For lips, exfoliation is particularly important. Once the keratin thickens, the color of the lipstick will be uneven and the lips will be very dry. You can choose some gentle lip brush to remove the thick cuticle and make your lips soft.

2. Before applying lipstick. This is like not rubbing a lotion, it is difficult to lay the foundation. If you don't apply lipstick first, the red color will also be difficult to apply. So, before you apply lipstick, apply a layer of lipstick and then lipstick.

3. Do you often feel that the color of your lipstick is very different from the color on your lips? That’s because everyone’s lip color is different. If you want to export red, it must be on your lips. It's like drawing on a clean sheet of paper. Apply a layer of light with foundation or special lip gloss, and the color of the lipstick will become saturated and beautiful.

Sometimes, when you are drinking a drink, it is difficult to avoid applying lipstick on your lips. This will not only keep your lips lasting, but also make you feel embarrassed. Using honey powder can effectively alleviate this problem. After applying the lipstick, take a clean cotton pad, dipped in a little powder, gently press your lips, and then pat gently to wipe it off immediately without removing your makeup.