What are the limitations of cosmetics?


As the saying goes: "It is a medicine that has three po […]

As the saying goes: "It is a medicine that has three points of poison". Although makeup is good and can make people beautiful, some cosmetics may also harm the skin. Therefore, when we use cosmetics OEM cosmetics daily, we should not use them blindly and correctly identify them. Limitations of cosmetics.

Skin care products belong to the category of "cosmetics", and their main purpose is to keep the skin in good condition. But many people have too much hope for skin care products, hoping that acne, spots, wrinkles, etc. can disappear through skin care products. This hope is often dashed, because consumers are found in the product, the more they buy, the higher the price, and the skin is not in a cycle of improvement.

The expectation to achieve beautiful skin effects usually involves skin problems. As mentioned above, skin absorption is very complicated. Cosmetics are limited due to their properties. Skin absorption cannot and should not be excessively pursued. Otherwise, the risk is too great and will include drug regulation. Therefore, do not expect too much for high-level expectations. Skin care products are not drugs or medical beauty methods. It may be good if nothing is done.

While treating skin diseases, the correct use of skin care products can help shorten the course of the disease, improve the efficacy, and assist the treatment. A skin care product has been specially developed, usually called "medical skin care products" or "makeup". But they are also skin care products, acne (acne), seborrheic dermatitis, hormone-dependent dermatitis, eczema, pityriasis, etc., various skin diseases should be diagnosed by a formal dermatologist, medication and adjuvant treatment Under the guidance of skin care products, one should not rely on skin care products in the hope of recovery.

Therefore, if you choose cosmetics or choose formal cosmetics OEM processing products, the quality will be guaranteed.