How can the eyeliner not smudge?


Although the eyeliner is easy to use, it is easy to tak […]

Although the eyeliner is easy to use, it is easy to take off makeup, especially when the eye area is oily, the eyeliner is easy to smudge, so how can the eyeliner not smudge?

Before drawing the eyeliner, use your fingers to dip some loose powder and apply it to the skin around the eyelashes, especially the corners of the eyes. These loose powder can absorb some of the oil. Use waterproof or long-lasting eyeliner instead of soft or creamy eyeliner. Otherwise, the eyeliner will quickly "melt" and become a ball.

So how to draw eyeliner to look good?
1. The method of liquid eyeliner and pencil holding is the same, the more you hold the front, the better you can control the line. For those who are new to the eyeliner, draw a few strokes on the back of the hand to familiarize themselves with the drawing method of the eyeliner.

2. When drawing the eyeliner, you might as well use the little finger of your right hand to touch the cheek first, and put your elbow on the table, so that you can maintain your balance. When drawing the eyeliner, your hands will not easily shake.

3. If you want to draw the eyeliner well, you should draw the eyeliner from the center of the eye, and finally draw the head and tail of the eye.

4. When drawing the eyeliner, put the small mirror under the eyes and look down so that you can see more clearly when you draw.

5. The eyeliner must be close to the root of the real eyelashes, so when you draw the eyeliner, use the other hand to hold up the eyelid slightly and lift your head up so that the roots of the eyelashes are fully exposed, so that the eyelash gaps can be clearly seen.

6. Fill in the gap between the roots of the eyelashes and trace the line of the eyeliner smoothly. You can slightly adjust the eyeliner in the middle of the eye to widen the width of the eyeliner in the eye, so that your eyes look deeper.