What is the difference between jelly lipstick and ordinary lipstick?


The obvious difference between jelly lipstick and ordin […]

The obvious difference between jelly lipstick and ordinary lipstick is that jelly lipstick is transparent and crystal clear, so what are the characteristics of this type of lipstick?

Jelly lipstick is a kind of lipstick, lip stick, is to make the lips ruddy gloss, to moisturize, protect the lips, increase facial beauty and correct the lip contour. It has a foil effect of a product. It is a woman who likes beauty cosmetics, which can show women's sexy and charming .

Jelly lipstick precautions
1. If you find that your lips are peeling off, you should exfoliate! For lips, exfoliation is particularly important. Once the keratin is too thick, the color of the lipstick will be uneven and the lips will dry easily. You can choose some gentle lip rubs to remove the thick cuticles and let the lips return to youthfulness.

2. Before applying lipstick, moisturizing is essential. It's like not applying lotion, it is difficult to stick to the foundation. If you don't apply a layer of lip balm first, the lipstick color is also difficult to apply. So, before you need to apply lipstick, apply a layer of lip balm, and when the lipstick is almost absorbed, apply the color of the lipstick.

3. Do you often feel that the color of lipstick is very different from the actual application on the lips? That's because everyone's lip color has its own difference. If you want to paint a red color, you must have the bottom of the lip, because you must paint the same picture on a piece of clean paper. Cover the lips with a thin layer of foundation or a special lip, then the color of the lipstick will be saturated with beauty.

Sometimes, when you drink, when you eat, you will inevitably rub the lipstick, which not only makes the lipstick not durable, but also causes embarrassment. Using honey powder can effectively alleviate the problem. After applying the lipstick, take a clean cotton pad, dip a little powder, and gently squeeze your lips, then gently pat with your fingers to immediately adhere to the difference between makeup and jelly lipstick.