What are the basic quality requirements for lipstick tubes


Lipstick is the general term for all lip makeup. Lipsti […]

Lipstick is the general term for all lip makeup. Lipstick, including lipstick, lipstick, lip gloss, Lip Glaze, etc., can make lips rosy and shiny, moisturize, protect lips, increase facial beauty and correct lip contours. It is also the lipstick material of lipstick products, because its structure and function are complicated, and its quality is difficult to control.

Graphic printing requirements
1. Color difference: in line with standard products
2. Hot stamping and printing adhesion: After 1 minute with 3m-810 tape adhesion, tear it off quickly and forcefully at an angle of 45°-90°. There should be no obvious peeling off to expose the bottom, and the font is clearly visible.
3. Spray adhesion: no color spots, peeling, peeling, fogging, fading and other defects, use a utility knife to cut 4-6 squares with a side length of about 0.2cm at the sprayed place (scratch the sprayed layer). Stick it on the square with 3m-810 tape for 1 minute, then quickly tear it off at an angle of 45°-90° without falling off.

Odor description
The packaging material itself has no peculiar smell.