What are the requirements for lipstick tube packaging materials?


About lipstick tube: Lipstick tube is the most complica […]

About lipstick tube: Lipstick tube is the most complicated and difficult one of all cosmetic packaging materials. First, we need to understand why lipstick tubes are difficult to handle, and why there are so many requirements. The lipstick tube is a combination of multiple ingredients. Functional packaging composed of different materials is also divided into volatile and non-volatile (airtight and non-airtight) according to the material. In addition, most of the filling machines are automatic filling machines (filling directly before and after filling, including the filling of lipstick tubes), which are very complicated, with different assemblies, poor tolerance control, or unreasonable design, even if the lubricant coating method is incorrect , It will also cause downtime or abnormal function. These errors are fatal. The main functional part of the lipstick tube ball screw is the core part of the lipstick tube, that is, beads, forks, screws, ball screws and lubricating oil form the core of the lipstick tube, which is a bit like a pump core, but more than a pump core More complex. Some manufacturers boast that the design and application of non-lubricated ball fork screws is not yet widespread.

The standardized drawings of the ball fork screw must be standardized, otherwise the size of the ball fork screw is not accurate. After assembly, there are more complicated factors. It can be predicted that the injection material must pass the material compatibility verification, otherwise compatibility problems will occur, and the up and down screwing problem will be solved. The ball fork screw is the most important.
Generally speaking, alkali will aggravate the problems of iron and heavy iron glue to achieve the purpose of hand feeling, which is equivalent to increasing the risk in the lipstick tube. In addition, vibration during transportation can cause the problem of degumming the lipstick tube.
The main quality control indicators of lipstick tubes include hand feel index, filling machine requirements, transportation vibration requirements, air tightness prevention, material compatibility issues, size matching issues, aluminum plastic tolerances and color issues; production capacity issues, And the filling volume that meets the declared value of the product. Lipstick tube and material body The relationship between the lipstick material body is soft and hard, too soft, the bead (cup) is not deep enough, and the retainer cannot hold the material body. Once the customer wears lipstick, the lipstick flesh will fall off, the material is too difficult to apply, volatile substances (non-color changing lipstick), if the air tightness is not good (the cover and the bottom are not well matched), it is easy to cause the material to dry and the whole The product will fail.
For the development and design of lipstick tubes, we can design various test methods and standardize various indicators based on understanding the reasons for various requirements. Novices must choose a mature ball fork screw design and complete the general ball fork screw design as soon as possible.