What are the basic appearance requirements of lipstick tubes?


1. Product composition: the requirements must be consis […]

1. Product composition: the requirements must be consistent with the sealed sample and must not be omitted. Flashing, burrs, and sharp edges are not allowed to prevent stab hands, causing personal injury or affecting the use of functions, the product is incomplete, and seriously affecting the overall appearance
2. Material requirements: consistent with the sealed sample, no oil
3. Flow mark (fusion mark): visible within an arm of the eye (within the limit)
4. Gap: For reference, the gap between bottle cap and bottle should not exceed 1mm
5. Gap: The gap should be within the limit, and there should be no obvious scratches when touched by hand
6. Damage: The container is damaged and cannot be filled with internal materials, which affects the function and overall appearance. There are no dents, bruises, strains, abrasions, scratches, minor cracks, etc. within an arm of the eye. The visual inspection is not obvious, and the product identification is not affected, within the limit.
7. Hygiene: foreign matter, impurities, hair, oil, stains, dust and other pollutants on the contact surface of non-cosmetic materials (mold, blood stains, insect damage, hair on the contact surface of cosmetic materials, etc.)