Precautions for purchasing cosmetic packaging materials and mascara tubes


From the beginning of the cosmetics market, various cos […]

From the beginning of the cosmetics market, various cosmetics products have become popular in the market. Therefore, it has driven the overall market of upstream cosmetics packaging factories, and there are many cosmetics categories. The quality of the lipstick tube is different from the price of the manufacturer. The tube body can be multi-color printing and silk screen printing. Individual manufacturers have thermal transfer equipment and technology. Hot stamping and hot stamping are calculated based on the unit price of the area. The silk-screen printing effect is better, the cost is more expensive and there are fewer manufacturers. Different manufacturers should be selected according to the needs of different levels. The specifications of the lotion pump range from 16ml to 38ml, and the water output is 0.28ml/time—3.1ml/time. It is generally used for creams and washing products. Lotion pump dispensers are divided into two types: tie-type and screw-type. In terms of function, they are divided into spray, foundation cream, lotion pump, aerosol valve, and vacuum bottle. Mascara, as an important category of cosmetic packaging materials, is gradually being accepted by the public. Because of the material quality and molding process of mascara tubes, they are very similar to lipstick tubes. Therefore, lipstick tube suppliers will add mascara tubes to their packaging material manufacturing categories. Mascara is an indispensable part of makeup packaging materials. Purchasers need to pay special attention to the following points when purchasing mascara:
1. A perfect mascara relies 50% on the material and 50% on the packaging material.
2. The shape of the material body and the brush head determines the effect of the eyelash brush.
3. The inner plug of the eyelash tube is also very important. The tightness of the inner plug controls the amount of material pulled out, that is, the amount pulled out is not much or less. Only when the amount is uniform, can the perfect eyelash effect be brushed.
4. At present, many manufacturers are in the COPY situation and only pay attention to the appearance, not the functionality of the bottle. As a purchaser, you must be clear about the requirements of the packaging material when choosing packaging materials.