What can the used lipstick tube be used for?


The effect of applying hot melt glue in the lipstick tu […]

The effect of applying hot melt glue in the lipstick tube
In daily life, many friends will encounter such a problem, do they always poke their hands when taking needles at home? Don’t you know where to put the sewing needles at home? Teach you a trick, just prepare a used lipstick, and clean the remaining lipstick in the lipstick tube. Then apply some hot melt glue to the inside of the lipstick tube. The amount of hot melt glue only needs to be half the height of the lipstick tube.
When the hot melt glue is applied to the lipstick tube and it cools down, such a storage artifact is completed. So, how should it be used? Just poke all the sewing needles at home on the hot melt glue inside the imported red tube, and then close the lid. In terms of appearance, it is beautiful and practical. When we need to use it, just pull it out of the lipstick tube. When not in use, poke the sewing needle into the hot melt glue and close the lid.