What are the main materials of cosmetic packaging?


At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in c […]

At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetic packaging, and two materials, plastic and metal, are currently the main cosmetic packaging container materials, and paper boxes are often used as outer packaging of cosmetics.
1. Plastics (structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, pigment)
The plastic is light in weight and low in price. It is easy to be produced on a large scale. It can be made into bottles of various specifications and sizes, transparent, opaque and various colors, and the printing performance is very good. Thermal transfer, inkjet and printing can be used. The instructions, logos, and bar codes are directly printed on the surface of the container. Moreover, the molding performance is good, and it can be manufactured into plastic containers such as bottles, cans, boxes, etc. of various structures and shapes. Cosmetic capsule is a typical example of its strong plasticity. Capsules have a variety of shapes, such as spherical, olive, heart, crescent, etc.; their colors are varied, ranging from crystal clear to colorful pearls, and the appearance is very attractive. These packages have brought consumers a safer and more convenient way of consumption.
Due to the above-mentioned excellent properties, the application range of plastic materials and composite materials in cosmetic packaging is increasing. Plastic products have occupied more than 80% of the cosmetic packaging market and become the most important packaging container for cosmetics.
2. Aluminum
With the improvement of people’s living standards, the consumption of cosmetics and health care and skin care products has increased year by year. In recent years, there has been a substantial increase. Aluminum packaging materials for cosmetics are light in weight, bright in color, elegant and luxurious, durable, easy to process and shape. Coating has been favored and widely adopted by the cosmetic packaging industry. Nowadays, vacuum aluminized paper has metallic luster and is easy to print. It has many advantages such as beauty, fashion, high-end and environmental protection, which greatly meets the requirements of cosmetic packaging and has become the focus of attention in the selection of high-end cosmetic outer box packaging materials.
The main consumer group of cosmetics is women, and the pursuit of beauty is a natural characteristic of women. The exquisite packaging of cosmetics greatly affects the status of cosmetics in women's minds and their preference for specific brands.
Vacuum aluminized paper is also easy to carry out laser holographic processing, which has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. According to the needs of different cosmetics, a flashing laser LOGO or a specific beautiful pattern can be printed on the outer packaging, which is beautiful and fresh and easy to identify, and also discourages fake and inferior products. Vacuum aluminized packaging material is a new type of composite environmentally friendly packaging material, which gradually replaces aluminum foil composite paper as aluminum paper substrate. It has the green environmental protection characteristics of being recyclable and degradable in the soil, and it saves metal resources. It is a green packaging material that is beneficial to environmental protection.