What are some reasons to use an aluminum lipstick case?


While you may find some metal and plastic cosmetic pack […]

While you may find some metal and plastic cosmetic packaging to be more durable than others, there are several reasons why you should use aluminum lipstick cases. For example, plastic and metal are more competitive. But if you really want to use metal in cosmetic packaging, you should go with a custom design. Aluminum lipstick cases can help you get the right look for your makeup. And there are many types of lipstick cases available.

Plastic and aluminum are the two main types of materials that are used in lipstick cases. Aluminum is a popular material, and can be anodized or multi-anodized to enhance its aesthetics. It can also be embossed or debossed. The aluminum lipstick cases are also suitable for decoration, such as hot transfer printing, silk screen printing, offset printing, or laser engraving.

The aluminum lipstick case features a recyclable lid, cap, and mechanism. It is made from 100% aluminum and is recyclable. The caps close with a soft click, which conveys a premium feel.