What is the difference between lipstick, lipstick and lip glaze?


There are so many lipsticks, lip glosses, lip glazes an […]

There are so many lipsticks, lip glosses, lip glazes and even lipsticks that can’t be distinguished. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? What should you buy according to when choosing? What are the criteria for judging a good lipstick?
Lipstick, lip glaze, lip gloss, lipstick are silly and confused?
1. Lipstick
Generally, it is a tubular paste, and there are many kinds, some moisturized or matte, generally moisturized with water in summer, and matte in winter. Lipsticks generally have better color rendering and durability.
2. Lip glaze
In the case of lip glaze, it is a tube with a brush head dipped in liquid to apply it. Lip glaze is more matte. It should be said that it has the highest durability among all lip makeup products. The ones that do not leave marks on drinking water cups and those that do not decolorize after eating meals are basically lip glazes.
3. Lip gloss
The appearance is similar to lip glaze, generally it is a tube with a brush head, it is very shiny and very moisturized, and the effect of the upper lip is relatively sticky. Many lip glosses are relatively transparent, and there are also lip glosses with higher color rendering. In terms of the makeup of lip gloss, sometimes there will be a sense of sight with oil on the mouth.
4. Lipstick
In general, lipstick should be the most moisturizing product with relatively low color rendering. It has no makeup feeling, but it has a good moisturizing and moisturizing effect on our lips.