What are the manufacturing processes of cosmetic packaging lipstick tubes?


The lipstick tube is the most complex of all cosmetic p […]

The lipstick tube is the most complex of all cosmetic packaging materials. The lipstick tube is a combination of multiple components. It is a functional packaging composed of different materials. From the material body, there are also volatile and non-volatile hairstyles, plus a large filling. Part of it is automatic filling by the machine, including the filling method of the lipstick tube, the combination of different parts, poor tolerance control, or unreasonable design, even if the way of lubricating oil is wrong, it will cause downtime or malfunction. The lipstick tube has the following manufacturing processes:
1. Basic material: The lipstick tube is divided into all-plastic lipstick tube, aluminum-plastic composite tube, etc. The commonly used plastic material is P
A, PP, etc., while aluminum models commonly used are 1070, 5657, etc. Lip balm tube Lip balm is a personal care product that is generally applied to the lips. After the lip balm is applied to the lips, it can effectively prevent the lips from rubbing and peeling due to dry weather. The main ingredients of lip balm include beeswax, petrolatum, menthol and camphor. In addition, the current lip balm adds vitamins and salicylic acid to enhance its moisturizing function. In order to show that the product temperament is consistent with the brand tonality, some users use zinc alloy, sheepskin and other materials as the lipstick tube fitting materials.
2. Molding process: The quality of the lipstick tube plastic (structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, pigment) is based on injection molding process, such as cover, base and related accessories in the middle beam core. The general lip balm in a lipstick tube looks the same as a lipstick. They are all in the shape of a stick. In recent years, new lip balm products have been developed. Some of them are extruded designs, and some need to be applied to the lips by hand.
3. Surface treatment: There are many treatment processes available for the surface of the lipstick tube. For plastic (structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, pigment) accessories, spraying, electroplating, evaporation, laser engraving (carving, engraving, The general term for the three creation methods of plastic), inserts and other surface treatment processes, while aluminum products use oxidizable electroplating and anode treatment processes. Cosmetic packaging materials. The overall packaging materials usually provide drawings or general requirements from cosmetic manufacturers, which are completely produced by the packaging material manufacturers. Some packaging materials are divided into more subtle and more specific conditions and needs. They are divided into partial printing and bottle Lid packaging material, bottle body packaging material. Depending on the type of cosmetic packaging, some small accessories can also be specifically outsourced.
4. Graphic printing: The lid of the lipstick tube and the base can be used to process graphic information based on user needs, using silk screen, bronzing/silver, pad printing, thermal transfer, water transfer and other processes.