What are the ingredients used to make lipstick?


The process of making lipstick begins with mixing the r […]

The process of making lipstick begins with mixing the raw ingredients. It is heated and mixed with waxes, oils, lanolin, and other ingredients, and then is poured into cold metal molds. This process introduces air, which is then removed through mechanical stirring. Eventually, the finished product is ready to be packaged in a tube. Ingredients used to make lipstick tubes may vary depending on the manufacturer.

A lipstick's texture, application, and shine are dependent on the emollients that are used in the manufacturing process. Emollients can help protect the lips, reduce bleeding, and make the product more lustrous. They are usually high molecular-weight waxes that don't spread rapidly on the skin. Some waxes have amazing properties for the skin. Mango, coconut, and cocoa butter are excellent moisturizers.

In the mechanism of a lipstick tube, the A-shell and the spiral are fixed together. This is done without using any glue, which would pollute the beauty cream. The lipstick tube has a cup and an A-shell, and these are connected by a spiral. The components of a lipstick tube are fixed together using lubricating oil. The process of manufacturing this product is complex, which increases its production cost. Furthermore, it is prone to pollution.

The inner tube member of the lipstick tube is made of a flexible material. The inner tubular member has a rotatable base 11 and two Z-shaped slots on its outer surface. Both the A-shell and spiral are fixed together with a sleeved mechanism without the use of glue. The lipstick tube is thus able to rotate smoothly without slipping. However, the lipstick tube can also rotate in the opposite direction of the spiral.