What are the details of cosmetic packaging lipstick tubes?


Lipstick tubes are the most complicated and most diffic […]

Lipstick tubes are the most complicated and most difficult of all cosmetic packaging materials. First of all, we must understand why lipstick tubes are difficult to make and why there are so many requirements. Lipstick tubes are a combination of multiple components and functional packaging composed of different materials. In terms of material, there are volatile and non-volatile types, and most of the filling is automatic filling by the machine.
1. The main functional parts of the lipstick tube
The bead screw is an important part of the lipstick tube, that is, beads, forks, spirals, bead screw and lubricating oil constitute the core of the lipstick tube, a bit like a pump core, but more complicated than the pump core, and some manufacturers brag about no lubricant beads Fork screw design, but currently not widely used. Lipstick tube lipstick is the general term for all lip makeup. Lipsticks include lipsticks, lip sticks, lip glosses, lip glazes, etc., which can make the lips rosy and shiny, moisturize and protect the lips, increase facial beauty and correct the contours of the lips. It is a kind of product that has the effect of setting off. , Can show women's sexy and charming. According to different types of cosmetic packaging, cosmetic packaging materials can also specifically outsource some small accessories. The cosmetics packaging material industry and cosmetics are closely linked. Today, the overall homogeneity of the cosmetics industry has enhanced the value of packaging materials. In recent years, industry insiders have also called for low-carbon and green packaging materials services.
The standardized drawings of bead snails must be standardized, otherwise, you will not be able to grasp the size, and after the assembly and installation, there will be more complicated factors. As a result, it can be predicted that the injection molding material must pass the compatibility verification of the material, otherwise compatibility problems will occur, and the problem will be over if the screw is screwed up and screwed down. The bead screw is the top priority. The base is generally for the hand feel, and it also adds weight to the iron. The problem of heavy iron glue is equivalent to adding a risk in the lipstick tube, and the vibration in the transportation causes the trouble to degumming inside.
Second, the main quality control indicators of the lipstick tube
The main control indicators are hand feel indicators, filling machine requirements, transportation vibration requirements, airtightness prevention, material compatibility issues, size interoperability issues, aluminum-plastic tolerance and color issues, production capacity issues, and The filling volume must meet the product claim value. The relationship between the lipstick tube and the material. The lipstick material has softness and hardness, too soft, and the beads are not deep enough. The lipstick meat will fall out when the customer puts on the lipstick. The material is too hard to apply. The volatile material, if airtight Not good, it is very easy to cause the material to dry, and the whole product fails.