What are the components and common materials of lipstick tube packaging?


Lipstick tube packaging is the most common and most com […]

Lipstick tube packaging is the most common and most complex of all cosmetic packaging materials, and it mainly has the following two characteristics.

1. Lipstick tube assembly

One of the most important reasons why lipstick tube packaging materials are so complicated is the diversity of lipstick tube components. The components of the lipstick tube are different and each has its own different functions. Using different lipstick tube components, according to different assembly methods, will produce unexpected effects and have different functions. This also shows that the manufacturing process of the lipstick tube is very important, and special attention should be paid to the quality of the lipstick tube packaging material and the assembly of the lipstick tube assembly.

2. Lipstick tube material

The materials of lipstick tubes are also diverse. In terms of air tightness, they are mainly divided into two types: volatile and non-volatile. Only through the combination of different materials and different parts and controlling the tolerances can a good quality lipstick be made. Moreover, it is necessary to find suitable suppliers, choose honest merchants and high-quality materials. If the design is unreasonable, or the selected materials and parts are inappropriate, it will cause malfunctions and even fatal errors.