What are the advantages of aluminum plastic pipe?


The advantages of aluminum-plastic pipes can be summari […]

The advantages of aluminum-plastic pipes can be summarized in the following three aspects:
1. Outstanding hygiene performance: The inner and outer layers of the aluminum-plastic pipe are made of special polyethylene materials, which are clean and non-toxic. More importantly, the middle layer of the aluminum-plastic tube is aluminum, which can not only block light, but also block oxygen. As we all know, the living environment of unhealthy microorganisms must be light and oxygen. The middle aluminum layer of the aluminum-plastic tube can prevent the growth of microorganisms and algae, which is beyond the reach of the plastic tube. The all-plastic pipe itself not only adds a large amount of antioxidants to prevent material degradation, the antioxidants are extracted into the water retained in the pipeline, which is easy to cause water pollution, and because there is no light, the oxygen barrier materials in the all-plastic pipe are easy to breed microorganisms. Cause secondary pollution to water quality.

2. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature: long-term use temperature is 95 degrees (50 years, 1MPa), higher use temperature is 110 degrees, aluminum-plastic pipe has low thermal expansion coefficient. It is equivalent to the thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum, which is only one-sixth of the full plastic pipe. When subjected to temperature changes, the amount of deformation is small, and the aluminum-plastic tube is a flexible coil. The pipeline itself can absorb certain deformation without causing thermal expansion and deformation of the pipeline system. All plastic pipes have poor high and low temperature resistance. The long-term use temperature of PPR is only 70 degrees (50 years, 1MPa), and the higher use temperature is 95 degrees. At the same time, the PPR pipeline has a large expansion coefficient, and when the outside water temperature (cold and hot water) changes, it will produce a large original deformation. Because the PPR pipe is a rigid straight pipe, it cannot digest and deform, so it is easy to cause the system to bend and deform or even leak.

3. Long service life: PE plastic is used for aluminum-plastic composite pipes. The molecular chain structure (-CH2-CH2-) is relatively stable in plastics, and since the middle aluminum layer of the aluminum-plastic pipe isolates the inner and outer layers, the outer plastic layer is allowed to add enough A stabilizer that resists light and oxygen aging without affecting the sanitation of the inner layer in contact with water, thereby enhancing its anti-aging performance.