Variety of packaging materials and decorations


These precautions include the materials of the inner an […]

These precautions include the materials of the inner and outer toner cartridges, the diversity of packaging materials and decorations, and the miniaturization, etc., which will be introduced separately below.

(1) Inner toner box material
The main material of the inner toner box is polypropylene (PP), but the brand choice should be paid attention to. Homo-polypropylene is recommended. But we must pay attention to its compatibility with materials.

(2) Outer toner box material
Most brands of air cushion powder cartridges must be painted or electroplated. Since the acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer resin (ABS) material has excellent coating properties, most of the outer powder boxes are made of ABS resin. However, the compatibility between ABS resin and air cushion liquid is poor. It is recommended that PCTA or PETG copolyesters with better material resistance properties should be used in the key parts of the toner cartridge, such as the snap ring.

(3) Diversity of packaging materials and decorations
The air-cushioned inner powder box is used to hold the product, and the outer powder box is like the clothes of the product, leaving unlimited imagination space for packaging and decoration design. Fundamentally speaking, various decoration technologies can try to differentiate products and attract consumers. For example, the air cushion ATM of Lunar Eclipse Fengyin, the same packaging material, different decorative effects, deduces hundreds of different products, and provides consumers with a very diverse choice.

(4) Miniaturization of packaging materials
Miniaturization of air cushion packaging materials has become a trend. This is mainly related to the lack of space for women's bags. In order to be portable, mini ultra-thin air cushion packaging materials have naturally become the mainstream trend. The same capacity, ultra-thin design, plus gorgeous decoration. Ultra-thin air cushion packaging materials are becoming more and more popular among consumers.

(5) Packing details
Obviously, this form of cushion packaging can improve the level of products such as BB cream or CC cream, which can be seen from the price. So the packaging festival is very important. Through packaging, the quality and grade of the product can be improved. The packaging details here include the appearance, material, decoration, opening and closing feel, click feeling, coordination of various parts, and convenient replacement of the inner box, etc., which can fully reflect the details of the powder box.
Cushion products, as a form of basic cosmetic products, are a very successful example of the combination of packaging and products. After the boom, I hope to become a normal product to meet the needs of consumers.