Common mistakes in using mascara, what did you make


Everyone has different opinions on mascara. Some people […]

Everyone has different opinions on mascara. Some people prefer curling, some people prefer thick, and some people prefer long mascara... But many people report that they have not achieved the desired effect? ​​Why? Perhaps, This is not the problem of mascara itself, but you have fallen into the following 5 common misunderstandings of mascara use! Just jump out of these misunderstandings, it is not a problem to easily brush perfect lashes!

Misunderstanding 1: Do not curl your eyelashes first

   mascara can make the eyelashes more curled, but if you want to achieve the eye-catching and long-length like a red carpet star, you need to use an eyelash curler. Use it before applying mascara, and then use it after applying mascara, it may cause eyelashes to break or bend into an unnatural L shape.

   Correctly clip natural curling eyelashes:

  1, three-stage curling eyelashes

  Choose an eyelash curler that fits the curvature of the oriental eye shape, and gently curl it upwards in three stages from the root to the end of the eyelashes. When curling the eyelashes in three stages, apply a little force close to the root of the eyelashes.

  2, local clamps enhance support

  Using the strengthened partial eyelash curler, divide the eyelashes into front, middle, and back sections and then curl them separately to strengthen the support.

Misunderstanding 2: Brush too many times

  Do not brush too many times for the purpose of pursuing the thick effect, but the more you brush, the easier it is to clump your eyelashes and become annoying "fly legs".

  Of course, if you want a distinct thickening effect, choosing an excellent thick mascara is very important!  

Misunderstanding 3: Frequently pull the brush head in and out of the mascara tube wall

In order to get more cream, many girls will vigorously agitate the brush head in the mascara or pull in and out. This will allow more air to enter the mascara, causing the cream to dry out more easily and allowing the mascara to reach Clumps on the eyelashes, and this is more likely to cause the growth of bacteria in the mascara.

   Correct usage:

   If you want to apply more paste to the brush head to apply the second layer, insert the brush head once and then pull it out by turning it around. If the mascara is not enough? It may be used up and can be refilled.

Misunderstanding 4: Use expired mascara

   Every three months, your mascara should be replaced regardless of whether it is used up or not. The dark and humid environment in mascara is very suitable for the growth of bacteria. If you use expired mascara, it is easy to cause eye inflammation, allergies, and even pink eye. So, even if your mascara has only been used two or three times, you should throw it away three months after opening it.

Misunderstanding 5: smudge on the eyelids

   If you are anxious or apply mascara very hard, the brush may touch the eyelids and stick the cream onto the eyelids. Come on! Don't worry, if you still can easily apply it to the eye area, use a cotton swab to take a little Vaseline or make-up remover to wipe it off without repainting it all.