Matters needing attention in the injection molding of lipstick tube cosmetic packaging materials


Lipsticks can be divided into lipsticks, lip sticks, li […]

Lipsticks can be divided into lipsticks, lip sticks, lip glosses, lip glazes, lip balms, lip pencils, lip dyes, etc., which can make lips rosy and shiny, moisturizing and nourishing lips, increasing facial beauty and correcting lip contours. It is a kind of product, and the lipstick tube packaging material carrying the lipstick product has a wide variety of complex structures and functions, so the quality is more difficult to control, we want. Therefore, pay attention to the following points in the injection molding of lipstick tube cosmetic packaging materials:

1. Appearance standard: The body of the lipstick tube should be smooth and complete, the mouth of the tube should be smooth and straight, the thickness should be uniform, there should be no cracks, water marks, scars and deformations, and there should be no obvious burrs or sharp edges on the parting line.

2. Surface technology and graphic printing
(1) Text pattern: It is required to be consistent with the company's sample draft. The text and pattern must be clear and correct, with no missing prints, missing characters, incomplete strokes, no obvious position shift, and no defects such as blurred printing.
(2) Color: It must conform to the confirmed standard sample and be within the upper limit/standard/lower limit of the sealed sample.
(3) Printing quality: the content, font, deviation, color, and size of the pattern and text must meet the requirements of the standard sample, and the pattern or font must be neat and clear, without obvious font blur, color difference, shift, burr, and inaccurate overprinting. Wait.

3. Surface process adhesion requirements
(1) Hot stamping/printing adhesion (screen printing tube or labeling tube coding test): Use 3M600 shoe cover to print and heat the color part, smooth and press back and forth 10 times to make the shoe cover part free of air bubbles, keep it for 1 minute , Hold the tube (cover) in one hand, pull the tape in the other hand, and then tear it off instantly at a 45-degree angle, without printing or hot color falling off. Slight shedding (the shedding area is less than or equal to 5%, and the diameter of a single point of falling off is less than or equal to 0.5mm) does not affect the overall recognition acceptance. The hot stamping silver should be slowly torn open. 1 operation for each color (if multiple colors can be measured in one test, it can be done at the same time. Note: the tested tape part cannot be reused).
(2) Electroplating/spraying adhesion: Use a utility knife to draw 4 to 6 squares with a side length of about 0.2cm on the electroplating/spraying part (scratch the electroplating/spraying coating), use 3M-810 After sticking to the square for 1 minute, the tape should be peeled off quickly at an angle of 45° to 90° without falling off.

4. In terms of product cleanliness, the lipstick tube and various internal components are required to be clean inside and outside, free of impurities, foreign matter, oil, no visible scratches, dirt, etc., black spots and impurities must be φ≤0.3mm, not much In 2, and dispersed distribution, does not affect the use, penetration-like impurities are not allowed. Lipstick tube packaging must not have any odor other than the material.