How to brush mascara?


1. First, choose an eyelash curler that matches or is c […]

1. First, choose an eyelash curler that matches or is close to the curvature of your eye shape. The eyelash curler is aligned with the curvature of the eye so that the curvature can fit the root of the eyelashes.

2. After the eyelash curler is attached to the eyelashes, use a gentle force to lift the eyelashes upward at a 60-degree angle. Don't be anxious when curling eyelashes, and you can't use force, otherwise the curling effect will be unnatural.

3. Next, you need to apply a little more force, raise the eyelashes to an angle of 90 degrees, and then pull the eyelash curler one by one, and slowly clamp it outwards and upwards to the end of the eyelashes.

4. Finally, use one hand to pull the tail part of the eye towards the head of the eye diagonally, so that the eyelashes at the end of the eye can be fully exposed, and then use the eyelash curler to strengthen the part of the eyelashes.

5. Use a spiral mascara brush to comb the eyelashes from row to bottom to make the eyelashes smooth.

6. Dip an appropriate amount of mascara base cream, scrape off the excess paste, and then brush the eyelashes from the root of the eyelashes upwards, gradually increasing the amount, and let the eyelashes preliminary shape.

7. Dip an appropriate amount of mascara, adjust the amount of mascara at the mouth of the bottle, and then use the z-shaped method, starting from the root of the eyelashes, and brush the eyelashes upwards to make the eyelashes plump.

8. Strengthen the treatment of the roots of the eyelashes, and brush it several times to make the base of the eyelashes more stable and create a natural effect like the inner eyeliner, so that the contour of the eye can naturally stand out. In the area where the eyelashes are relatively sparse, you can put the mascara upright and apply it with the tip.

9. Put on a small brush head, adjust the mascara remedially, apply mascara left and right, so that the lower eyelashes can also play the role of enlarged eyes.

10. The last step is to check if there is any mascara on the eyes. If there is, use a cotton swab to dip a proper amount of lotion and wipe the dirty area.