Are there other uses for the remaining lipstick?


Use as crayons or paint The easiest way to use it is to […]

Use as crayons or paint
The easiest way to use it is to use lipstick as crayons or paint. If you have children at home, you can throw them directly. They will definitely be very happy. However, if the children are girls, be careful to stare when you are a mother to prevent her from smearing secretly. On his own lips.

Polish silverware
Silver plates or spoons will show black rust spots after a period of time if they are left unattended, or silver jewelry will often darken and blacken after being worn for a period of time. The lipstick that can make them brighten again! Apply a thin layer of lipstick directly on the facial tissue and wipe the silverware with it, so that the black rust spots can be removed. Then gently wash them with a sponge soaked in dish soap to make them shiny as new!

Stain remover for oil-based pen
Regarding the graffiti of children at home or accidentally stained oily pen stains, it is troublesome! In fact, lipstick can also be used to remove oily pen stains. Apply lipstick directly to the place where the oil-based pen touches, and carefully spread the lipstick evenly with your fingertips, and then wipe the stains with facial tissue to remove the stains.

Colors for handmade candles
When making handmade candles, add and melt the lipstick together, and the creative candles with lipstick material will be on the stage, and the color is correct!

In fact, lipsticks also have a shelf life. The unopened lipstick can be stored for three years. If you have ever touched your lips, it is ideal to use it within three months.